LT-450 VOA Module

The LT450 Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) offers voltage control attenuation over a broad dynamic range. It provides precision resolution, high repeatability and extremely low insertion loss. Our patented beam director technology eliminates the need for filters or other devices in the optical path resulting in improved performance.


– Meets Telcordia 1073 and 1221 Standards.

– Wide Attenuation Range

– Precision Attenuation Resolution

– Low Insertion Loss

– Patented Beam Director Eliminates the Need for Interference Filters in Optical Path.

– Compact Size


– Power Management

– Add/Drop?

– Amplifiers

1.5.3 LT450 VOA Module

1.5.3 LT450 VOA Module

1.5.3 LT450 VOA Module

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