Optical Protection Module

Protection Module is used to automatically switch inputs from a primary path to a secondary path if the primary path fails due to source or line failure. Signal loss sensitivity is offered over a broad range from -5 to -30 dBm. Passive design is independent of data rate or format. Field-tested, fully automatic switching with a preselected signal drop threshold assures long-term system reliability and signal continuity.


– Laser or Fiber Redundancy

– Automatic Operation

– Broad Band Operation

– 10 ms Switching Speed

– Ultra Low Optical Connection Loss

– SC, E2000 or FC Connector Type Available

– Alarms via Module Panel and Host Control Unit


– Signal Path Protection for ATM, IP/CATV and DWDM Systems

– Source or Power Equipment Protection

1.11 Optical Protection Module

1.11 LT3500 Protection Module

1.11 LT3500 Protection Module

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