Programmable VOA

The LT4000 Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) offers voltage control attenuation over a broad dynamic range. It provides precision resolution, high repeatability, and extremely low insertion loss. Our patented beam director technology eliminates the need for filters or other devices in the optical path resulting in improved performance.? It also offers programmed attenuation of selectable dB levels.


– Wide Dynamic Voltage Control Attenuation Range from 0-30 dB

– Precision Attenuation Resolution at <0.1 dB

– Low Insertion Loss of 0.35 dB, Typical

– Patented Beam Director Eliminates the Need for Interference Filters

– Bench Top or Rack Mounting (2U 1/2 chassis)

– Monitor Port is Available upon Request


– Power Management

– R&D Laboratories

– Manufacturing Test Systems

– Field Test Systems

3.2 Programmable VOA

3.2 Programmable VOA

3.2 LT4000 Programmable Variable Optical Attenuator

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